The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair



The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair is a beautifully illustrated picture book that is told in verse. It follows the adventures of Rosie Red the girl with the flaming red hair as she skip, hopidy, hops through her fun filled life. Every day is just one big adventure after another as the mischievous redhead interacts with her grandma, siblings, parents, teachers, and friends. There is also a repeating word pattern throughout the book which is ideal for early learning.

This book is suitable for children from ages 1 through to 5 years old. For younger children feedback is that boys enjoy it as much as girls and are attracted to the vibrant colourful images inside the book.


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The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair is an enjoyable children’s rhyme book. It is the story of a little girl and her life experiences and day to day activities expressed in verse. Makes a lovely gift for children with red hair! This book will also appeal to children who enjoy rhyme books by Julia Donaldson and Rachel Bright and the occasional nursery rhyme.   It also includes fun facts about red hair and is perfect for children from 1 – 5 years old.

“‘I am the Girl with the Flaming Red Hair

My Name is Rosie Red

And I light up like a Flare”


This is the  first children’s book by author and poet, Joyce Murphy.