The Bee and the Dandelion


The Bee and the Dandelion is a heart-warming, picture, rhyme book that tells the story of a Bumblebee, a little girl called Sally and a flower called a dandelion. Sally loves to pick dandelions but one day, when a Bumblebee flies onto her knee and begs her not to take his food; Sally is taught how precious flowers are to bees and their environment. Moved by the Bumblebee’s plight, Sally is stirred to action and with the help of her friends; she gets a new law written to protect the Bumblebees and themselves.

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The Bee and the Dandelion is a beautifully illustrated story of a young girl who discovers that bees are in danger and decides to rally her friends together and get something done about it. On the back pages there are some great facts about bumblebees to learn too! This is a lovely book and a good way of making children aware of our impact on the environment.

This book is suitable for children from ages 4 – 8 years old. Told in bouncy rhythm and rhyme this book will engage children of different ages in different ways, making it an ideal book for the whole family.