Kong and the Magic Jungle


Kong and the Magic Jungle is a fast-moving adventure story about three children living in the jungle and their friend the Magic Gorilla. The children explore the jungle and make friends with the talking animals living there; they get into fun scrapes, learn some lessons and get magic gifts along the way. It really is a breath of fresh air and a great story for boys and girls alike.This book is suitable for children from ages 5 through to 10 years old. It can be a first chapter reader book or read aloud as an adventure story for younger children

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After a very bumpy plane crash, Joyce, Olan and Fiona are stranded in the jungle with their Dad. And imagine their surprise when they meet Billy there, a talking parrot, who tells them that this is a magic jungle with a Magic Gorilla.

Joyce and Olan are so excited they set off looking for the Magic Gorilla. On the way, they have lots of adventures with a baby gorilla and some missing bananas, a very angry Mama Gorilla and soon they are in trouble with a whole lot of other gorillas as well.

Will Billy the talking parrot and Fiona save them or will the friendly Gorilla with the red hat decide to help the children? Open the pages and follow the madcap adventures of the Magic Gorilla and his three best friends.

Perfect for boys and girls from 5 – 10 years old and can also be a good choice for reluctant readers.